Friday, 10 December 2010

'wild betty' Stranded Silk Sock 100gm hanks
merino/mulberry silk/nylon sock yarn $25.00

Well, out of the depths of my mysterious camera's memory, I managed to retrieve a nice photo the Ltd Edition Stranded Silk Sock -- this yarn is now available online and at the Port Market this weekend. There are a few hanks of 'Wild Betty' (shown above) as well as some very fetching hanks of 'lone heart red'
. One hank makes an average sized women's sock. I have very limited quantities of this yarn available, so get it while it's here. You will love this sock yarn.

mmmmm. Bunny butt! Couldn't resist sharing this photo of my beloved pooch. Here, she's playing with her new bunnybunny I brought back from Ameriican. It has a very loud honker in it and is life-sized for added kelpieweiler enjoyment. Hrs of fun.

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