Thursday, 31 March 2011

April Sales Promotion at Stranded In Oz

APRIL Promotion: For all of April: show us your FO in Stranded In Oz hand-painted yarn or fibre and receive a 10% discount on any regularly-priced SIOz product. For online customers, email your piccies and a description of the item you made and receive an online coupon via email. For Port Market customers, just bring your lovely FO by.

Hello to the knitters, spinners, crocheters of Adelaide and beyond... Your needles. hooks, and wheels continue to inspire me. Thanks so much for sharing what you do both online and at the Port Markets.

Above you'll find a picture of the latest lot of Loaded Dog, a blend of colours inspired by a neighbour's brindle Staffy. 2 hanks of this luxury blend makes a nice pair of hand-cosies -- this yarn has incredible stitch definition and is 70% wool/30% cashmere. Divine.

On Sunday – a real treat! The Intrepid Knitter showed off her socks – in SIOZ Merino 4 Premium sock wool – excellent socks with a lovely eyelet diagonal stitch working up the side. Alas, my camera wasn't handy and I didn't get a piccie to share! I can't wait to see what she knits next. I call her the Intrepid Knitter as she likes to experiment with some of the more unusual yarns in the SIOz collection, including some Uruguayan singles!


To superwash or not to superwash, that is the question? My instinct as a knitter is to want the least-treated wool possible for my winter knitting. Though non-treated wool doesn't take dye as strikingly or brightly as un-treated, I still prefer au naturale for feel and long wear.

There seems to still be a preference for the superwash wools, which still puzzles me, but I guess it makes sense. If I had more than 2 people in my household, the washing and care might sway me towards superwash.

Drying outside: Rusty roving. I've been obsessing about deep rust for the past few weeks. Not too brown, not too glowy orange. I want it to have a brightness but not on the boarder of harsh. It's been driving me crazy. The latest version is drying on the line – just in time for Autumn. A dyed lot of Romney carded roving. It teases me when I walk past – spin me!! Fie!

For now, it's back to the needles and computer files. From the dyetable this week – a long awaited lot of painted banana palm silk -- there are 2 ocean-y mixes and a rainbow, and another installment in the Robin Hood Colourway line.


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