Friday, 18 March 2011

Near, far, and local

Handspun Nepalese Wool Lace from SIOz
Thank you to Near and Far, Cygnet, Tasmania, and their continued enthusiasm for Stranded In Oz Nepalese yarns and fibres. The new shipment of SIOz yarns are at their shop, and if you're an SIOz wool/hemp or So Sari fan, check out their new stocks of knitting yarns. They also have some limited editions of luxury yarns from SIOz, including a really lovely lot of alpaca/wool dk, which is perfect for gloves and scarves.

Brett and Karen take a lot of care and pride in their unique products and friendly service. If you are visiting Cygnet, be sure to stop by.

It's been a short week and after a marathon session on a shawl border, I'm taking a blog break. There are multiple socks, scarves, shawls in varying states of doneness.

Latest temptations are the balls of Terra and the Vespera project that I've had to put down every time a design project comes in. Alas poor jacket, you are neglected once more.

A special hello to Adrienne, who came by the Sunday Shop to inquire about knitting socks on circulars. After a brief description and directions to sites on the 'net, Adrienne is hooked. Another SIOz customer hooked on socks. I def should put a health warning banner next to the sock wools -- it's addictive, but in a good way, right?

CU at the Port on Sunday and online, M

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