Thursday, 3 March 2011

Warm and Cosy Handspun Hemp Blends Week

Richly Coloured Handspun Wool with Hemp and So Sari Lots are on the dye list this week. Wheeeeeee. For those SIOz lovers of the Nepal handspun line, you will be happy to know it's full steam ahead. While the weather is still warm, the official Australian calendar says this is the first week of Autumn Down Under. This means I'd better get with it and tackle the long dyelot list...

Green Serendipity Wool with Hemp

Brights of Wool with Hemp from Stranded In Oz

These yarns have an earthy feel to them, so I like to dye them in rich, dark colours. I supposed they'd be fun in brights (I've done a few), but the rich reds, blues, purples, and greens feel right to me. Just mixed a really nice Teal (on the blue end of the shade) that looks really nice outside, hanging in the breeze.

Above you'll find the merino/lyo that Colleen used in her lace shawl (prev entry). I was messing around with blues and greys and only did one lot of that colourway.

Goodbye to the last hank of Brick Lane (above) some CTH supersoft, low micron merino that was a ltd edition yarn run. They decided not to get that milled again, so it's gooooorrrn. *sniffle* But it went to a good home, so that's ok!
mohair and merino lace yarns from SIOz
The two lace yarns pictured above are driving me to distraction -- super super soft mohair and merino blend with no trace of mohair fuzz. It's so soft, I just want to squish it. Since I'm in the midst of dyelots and design deadlines, there's no chance I'll be knitting it, so it's all for sale at the moment.

Sometimes a high contrast variegated just doesn't make the most of a lace pattern -- other times, it might. Anyway, a nice semi-solid, in the right shade will bring a smile to my knitter's face. I used to use a commercial solid from either Skacel or some of the Italian lace merinos, but once I started working with hand-dyed yarn, they just didn't interest me. There's something about the subtle changes in the shade of a hand-dyed solid that make the project for me.

OK, so you probably noticed that even when I don't plan on it, I end up running lots of purple and green on the same day. R. came in to where I was working and said, "You killed the Hulk again." Errr. Sorry. It wasn't my intention.

Back to the needles and beyond, M

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