Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pre-Show Fun at SIOz

Hi there -- I'm in finish everything NOW mode. This season has been a bit crazy, as design deadlines have coincided with painting deadlines. Madness all around.

Check out the shopblog this week for a SNAP special discount. This is your chance to grab a further discount on the Namaste gear in stock before it goes to shows. I won't be restocking some designs, as the newer models come in stock. Still a nice selection here.

Some colour for your day:

Glinda, the Good Wool - 75% wool/25% nylon with a touch o' bling

Stranded Silk Sock
The above colour has been painted in both Glinda and the divine Stranded Silk Sock. Very distracting as I have other work to do. There are also hanks of Glinda and Stranded Silk Sock in a beautiful pale blues mix that I've nicknamed Heaven. It is truly heavenly. If you want to get your hands on this yarn... come by the booth at BSWS or the Melbourne Fair (see info below).

The Port Shop is still amply stocked with new yarn and colours -- most of the new yarns are going on the road, but don't worry if you are a local SIOz enthusiast -- I have special yarn at the Port, including more At the Quilt Shop and some new Fairies in the Garden hanks. 

bye for now -- Mel

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