Sunday, 8 March 2009

Getting another day at the Port

Thank you to everyone who came by today at the Port. We're open again tomorrow from 9-5!

There's been a run on the banana palm silk -- good thing the weather should be nice and warm for some wild colours midweek. I'll post those as soon as possible.

The sock yarn has been depleted -- yay, so the new lots will have to go up this week as well. Thank you to all you fabulous sock knitters! There's still plenty of Tofutsies in a rainbow of colours -- it's the hand-paints that are gone -- There's one 100gm lot of Friar Tuck in Tofutsies left, as well as a couple semi-solids - red, aqua, and a dark green.

And the cut silk velvet shawls and scarves are all but gone -- there's one big silk velvet shawl in Phantom left (which I secretly covet) -- there's a photo in an old posting. I'll be painting more velvet as the weather gets cooler. If you'd like to knit something to go with a silk scarf, feel free to contact me with your colour order. I'm happy to coordinate fibres with the scarves and shawls.

Thanks especially to Heather -- lovely to meet you -- and to the intrepid Melbournian who went away with my favourite premium merino 8ply in Queen Anne's Garden. I'm having trouble sourcing that yarn and am looking for a suitable replacement. There's a kilo left which I plan to dye in the next week -- so keep a look out for those. 50gms is enough to make a fab little beanie or a pair of hand cosies.

See you at the Port - m

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