Monday, 23 March 2009

Waving hello from Port Adelaide

Hello -- it seems Clipsal scared away most folks from visiting the Port yesterday. Still, it was fun to see everyone who stopped by, including Leona and Trixie, an intrepid duo who are really excellent company -- I'm sure the neighbours heard us laughing.

We played with the basics of making dorset buttons and I can't wait to see what they make. Trixie loves to make things with beads, so look out! There are going to be some very nicely embellished people in the eastern suburbs very soon. And Leona is making an artwear vest in soy (colourway Semaphore). 

I'm continually grateful to all the fibre addicts who come by and talk about what they are doing. It's especially gratifying when I meet the family -- so many women come by with their mums and daughters. It's lovely to meet you all. One mum went away with a new gemstone drop spindle -- it was my latest favourite in an olive-coloured jade. Gorgeous thing it is. There are some new Chuppah Whorl spindles -- one in blue and yellow, the other Cool Britannia (just as it sounds, yup, the Union Jack done all trippy/swirly!).

I know it's a hike to the Port, but I just want to say, thank you for making it! And do come by to bring what you made. I felt terrible while I was in the USA when someone came by and I wasn't there! But fear not, as I am planning the entire winter (except my dates in Bendigo, and you'll be there, right?) here in Adelaide. I don't think of leaving 'til it warms up. I mean, summer here is just. Well, you know.

New Yarn Photos: 

Handspun Wool (70%) and Recycled Sari Silk (30%) $8.00AU per 50gm hank-- hand-dyed by SIOz in Violet semi-solid

Handspun Hemp and Wool (in Think Global)

and Handspun Wool and Sari Silk (Violet semi-solid) $8.00AU per 50gm hank

Handspun Hemp and Wool Hand-Paint in Sherwood Forest $8.00 per 50gm hank


Sherwood Forest Sock Wool $25.00AU per 100gm hank

Here's a beaut from Audrey in Victoria -- look what she did with some Nepalese wool singles in McLaren Vale (it was my best lot to date!):

Copyright 2009 mataharimau (Ravelry)

SIOz photos to be posted this week include a new supply of painted silk velvet (older posts have photos of these). The previous lot is gone, except for the stole in Phantom Purple, which is magically moving its way towards my bureau. The photos don't do the colours justice. 


Hand-Painted Autumn Colours Silk Velvet Scarf $40.00AU

Dark Semaphore Hand-Painted Velvet Silk Scarf $40.00

The banana palm silk and aloo are undyed at the moment and will get the SIOz treatment this week. The colourways will match the silk velvet, so you can knit something to coordinate. I'm planning some new mixes in darker colours for autumn and winter. If you haven't tried my banana silk, do order a hank with your next yarn order. You won't be sorry, as this yarn will inspire you to embellish something as soon as you open the package.

As always, I will try to upload photos as they are ready. 

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jam said...

ve your stuff, very beautiful. I wonder if you would consider sharing, i am a frustrated silk painter emigrated from uk to nz and cannot find a decent supplier of undyed silk scarves, if you can help i would be delighted,
cheers Angela