Sunday, 29 March 2009

Yes, there is new banana

Hand-Painted, Handspun Banana Palm Silk $10.00AU per 100 gms

Monkeys in The Jungle

Purple with Blue/Green
The next batch ready for putting up is in different shades of earthy brown orange with purples. 
Thank you to everyone who came by the Port Markets today. It was great, as always, to see you all!
And a special thank you to the customer who brought by her wonderful cardigan knitted from an unbelievable hank of Judi Ditmore's (Interlacements) 4ply cotton -- one of the 1lb hanks from her dyer's choice table at Stitches. Yup, there are some knitters in Adelaide KICKING themselves they didn't get 'em.
Guess what? I don't have any either.  The clever knitter who snarfled up that skein (it is almost too big to call a skein) has the most beautiful cardi/jacket now -- complete with the handmade raku button. I've already promised to bring back more pottery buttons from my next trip.
New Sock Yarn: Some in reds/pinks and 1 hank only of a serendipity blue/greens/purples (100 gm/$25.00AU)
The purple/blue/green was done at the end of a long dye session and is completely outrageous. 

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