Sunday, 13 February 2011

Club for February Week 2011

BHM Tofutsies - February Fab Four Ply Knitter's Club

I'd meant to write an update earlier this week, but I've been really busy with organising the club packs, several deadlines, and a full dye schedule.

Dark Matter (Way Over the Rainbow, Dark Mix
Wool/Mohair Feb Fibre Club

Above you'll find the first shots of the club colours for February. The first sock colour is tonal -- a blend of reds to suit the hot phase of an Aussie Summer. I usually paint 1 semi-solid for the club for the year -- and this year, the sock needed a semi-solid colourway to make the most of the pattern stitch. Of course, it's Feb., so red is the colour -- if you're a Hallmark-type of person. Me? I don't get Valentine's Day anything, as my partner thinks it's an evil American capitalist plot to take his money. He's a Feb Grinch. Hmmph.

The fibre this month has been a terrible distraction -- I'd scheduled merino top, but I'd caught this lot of wool/mohair and had to grab it when I saw it. Don't worry -- the merino top is still scheduled. Trust me, you will not be sorry when you open the bag and put your hands on this fibre.

The December knitter's club colourway was 'dark rainbow,' but I'd not painted the fibre club in this colourway (that was a special blend of ES Red -- for xmas 'natch). I knew I wanted to try it in the fibre and the result is just what I'd planned -- the emphasis in this lot is on the blues and greens and it's very very dark. By the time we all get 'round to spinning and eventually knitting it, the weather will have cooled and we'll be ready to wear it!

On Sock Knitting: just when I think socks have run their course, I meet more knitters who haven't made socks. Yet. Ah hah! More prospective sock knitters! I'd better get my roller skates on, as the hp sock yarn stocks are getting depleted again! There are still plenty of hanks, but as per usual, the purples and blues seem to disappear first! And it is time for me to paint greens again (yes V., GREENS).

In between several sock designs, I've been working on 3 new shawls -- 1 on the needles for the US, 1 for a mag issue, and another for SIOz. They're all in various stages of development and each is a child demanding attention. When the screaming gets too loud, I take out a spindle for 15 minutes. That seems to calm everything down. All it takes is a few minutes of spinning and I've cleared my head. *sigh*

Back to the needles, M

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