Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Club Packs, Thanks SWTC and thoughts on Soysilk

The club packs for Feb are in the post. This is happiness all around. For knitters, your pack includes preview yarns of what is coming your way down the track -- knitable samples to get you hooked on SIOz. Hey, you already are, but I know I love samples, and you seem to too. So enjoy!

For the spinners, you have a nice chumpy pack of this month's fibre, along with a sample of the next fibre on the schedule, SA coloured sheepwool. OK, I was a stinker and included something un-dyed. You didn't think I'd spoil the fun and tell you the April colour did you?

Hello to the people at SWTC - who posted a hot shot of the Feb Tofutsies. Thanks for posting the piccie. I'm an unapologetic, shameless Tofutsies addict. And the knitters coming to the Port Markets are too! I've restocked the Port Shop with more variety of Tofutsies balls as well as the new Dark Orchid. The colours available change weekly. If you're online, it's best to email me if you have a colour group you would like -- trying to always keep a blue, a purple, a red, and greens available.

Also from SWTC -- the new Treisur Infatuation is a winner -- and also a terrible distraction while I'm under deadline. FIE! Here's a lovely shot of the colours in stock at the moment. My fave is the Southwestern- Americanish red, purple, green, and gold blend

Nearly everyone who touches a ball of this yarn buys it. The bright mix is perfect for a baby gift. Or a girlie pair of socks. I'm working on a shawl in this yarn as well. Well, while I'm designing a shawl in Jezebel, my other favourite SWTC yarn.

SOYSILK -- ok, I will say a few words regarding soy fibre for spinning. There are a few online vendors selling soy fibre -- beware. All soy fibres are not SOYSILK. You only will know the difference when you start spinning with the other stuff. Why? Because genuine Soysilk fibre is processed in a way that is just superior to other soy fibres out there -- it's a smooth, superfine top. Your fingers will know the difference.

Sure, you'll save some money, but it's not worth it. I have not been asked to write this, nor do I get any money from writing about it. I just want to put this out there in cyberspace for people to read. When I hand-paint soy, it's genuine Soysilk.

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