Saturday, 5 February 2011

Giving the boot THE BOOT!

Uruguayan merino and 8ply hand-paints from SIOz

Well, I've been given the all clear to go bootless, so I'm now officially Gimpy. The walking gets better everyday, while the mystery foot pain continues to annoy, I'm so relieved to be able to GIVE THE BOOT THE BOOT! Wahooo!

There are new things happening from SIOz, including new designs in the works and the backlog of hand-painting. Thanks again for everyone asking for updates and good wishes.

The first sock for the 4ply yarn club uses one of my new faves, an eyeletty rib. It's a top down sock (I know, I usually don't do 'em that way) but it's good to keep things fresh. I love the Dutch heel and the tweak on a heel stitch (you'll have to join the club to make this one) The first colourway is a tonal mix to make the most of the stitch. If you haven't resubbed and were meaning to, there's time.

Boo hoo! One of my fave projects in 2010 was a hood I'd been working on in aran wt/worsted. I'd just finished casting off when I went outside the shed and had my accident in VT. Now, I've put the things somewhere, perhaps unconsciously putting the accident behind me, and now, can I find the darned thing? Must be a reason. Do I file the project away or reknit it? Hmmmmm.

Well it's back to the workpile for me. If you're in Adelaide, enjoy the next few days in the cooler weather. m

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