Saturday, 25 June 2011

blog lagging

Hello from SIOz Central where the dyeing just keeps on going! I wish I could say I've got a clear list in my head, but to be honest, the colours are going faster than I can list.

If you are wondering what is heading up to Bendigo... here's few hints (not a full list):
New yarn in Robin Hood colours -- this is a charming merino with a touch of alpaca fine yarn -- approx. 225m per 50gms. It's incredibly lovely in this colour group and I'm sooo wanting to play with it. But onward...

Select hanks of Uruguayan merino lace in some oldies but goodies, including Drama Queen, Banjara Quilt (haven't painted THAT in a while and why, I do not know), as well as a few others that people have requested. I've done a few hanks of Dye! My Pretties in the same colours. Just for fun!

There will be several specials for July, so check back every so often for those. In the meantime, thanks for reading the blog and for your enthusiasm!


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