Friday, 17 June 2011

Beautiful Knitting and Yarns for the Weekend of June 19, 2011

Hello and thank you to everyone who came by on the holiday weekend. Enjoy your yarn and fibre.
And a special thanks to the people who shared their beautiful work.

Piecepatcher, Colleen, shared this photo with me and I have to post it -- I'm behind in the blogging!

Colleen's Piecepatcher (Rav) beautiful shawl knitted 
in SIOz hand-painted mohair/merino lace

The yarn used in this shawl is some mohair/merino I purchased from the good people at Kraemer Yarns, PA. It's been given the SIOz treatment of course and there are just a few hanks left -- in Floral Purples and in Cork, one of my more popular greens. Mmmmm. Green!

Here are some yarns to tempt you this weekend:

Glinda, the Good Wool -- new sock yarn from SIOz 
75% wool/25% nylon with a touch of lurex

This yarn as been torturing me this week as I work on show and design projects. But you, my dear yarn addicts can get yourself a hank of Glinda this week. There's more drying at the moment, in what I can only describe as a psychedelic serendipity. Totally, like, think Haight Ashbury.

Also ready for the needles -- more Dye! My Pretties!:

Fairies in the Garden -- Dye My Pretties Sock Yarn 

 Dark Ochre - Dye! My Pretties Sock Yarn

I have to admit it, it's going to be difficult to part with the new lot, Fairies in the Garden. There's just something about this dye lot that makes me smile. And the Dark Ochre is a tonal mix, for knitters who want less contrast for those more complicated stitches that need some colour, but not to be over-powered by wild yarn.

There are more lots to come, including a lovely purple-dominated Winter Floral mix that is drying at the moment.

Thanks as always to you all. There is no way for me to adequately express my gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm for what I do. But thank you.  

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