Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Photos? Yarn and darkness do not mix

Apologies to those of you who've been trying to glimpse the new colours for this weekend. The lack of decent light -- and a busy weekend made for terrible photos. The one's I've got just don't cut it.

New lots for this weekend include Dye! My Pretties!:
Argus -- a mix of beetroot and pink
Bel Air Green -- very eucalypty
Easton Green -- Piney Green -- very dark
Antarctica AU -- icy, chilly blues

There are also lots of Will Scarlet and Dark Pear Green in the squidgy Merino4 Premium

A few hanks of Merino8 Premium will be available -- what's left after a run for a shop.

For weekend hrs, please see previous post.

What's next? There are some more announcements re Stranded In Oz in the next few weeks.

Lots for next week include:

Stranded In Oz's new sock wool -- GLINDA, the Good Yarn! This yarn is a traditional wool/nylon sock yarn with a thread of silvery, spangly lurex in it -- subtle sparkle for special feet. It takes dye more intensely than the Kraemer Silver.

More lots of Toe-Toe, the hand-dyed Tofutsies from Oz (in a long-awaited Woodland Creatures) and some more Dye! My Pretties! including a very Aussie, ochrey mix. as well as a bright blend of Winter Floral in blues and hot pinks and a very vibrant version of jade green.  Yowza!

Club packs go out on the 15th this month. Hey, you know, if you are currently a 6-mos subsciber, you are eligible to use your club discount on the resub. Clever knitters!

And... if you have been thinking of joining -- you can use your Ravelry SIOz one-time intro discount to join too. Because Aug's pack takes a bit more prep than some of the others, the sooner you sub would be greatly appreciated here at Oz Central.

CU online and at the Port Markets.


alliemf said...

Dear Melissa

You cannot drop hints like 'more news in the coming weeks'. It drives us even more insane than some of us already are!

Hopefully they are good things.


Mel said...

It's all good, I swear. But I wanted to have all my ducks in a row before posting things out. In the meantime, happy knitting and spinning and crocheting.