Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Greens on Wednesday

The greens on my screen of the yarn are brighter than in rl and are closer to my screen's
capture of the painting. Not sure what you'll see...

It's Cezanne's birthday today (thank you Google) and the below is a Cezanne that captures certain types of Northern Hemisphere greens. I painted a lot of Lux Merino 4 in these colours and my green-loving friends here said, that's weird. They're decidedly foreign in different light. Perhaps I was a bit home (hemisphere) sick when I painted the yarn? The example that proves my pet theory that colour can be cultural.

La Maison du Pendu

Today was a design day, then a yarn shipment arrived and distracted me beyond belief -- a wool tape made from mostly wool, woven onto a nylon 'frame' -- it works to around 2.5sts per inch, which is so huge to me -- I'm working on socks and shawls at the moment, so it feels really strange to play with 2.5 sts per inch! But I put it away after pawing the ball a while and got back to work.

So it's back to the socks and shawls and scarves on the needles at the moment -- and in the middle of all that, I try to find time to finish my Long Shot Redux. It's all good. Here comes the heat again and I've found the fans, so it'll be ok here on the couch.

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