Thursday, 13 January 2011

Summer socks and all manner of knitting goodness

Summer Cotton Wrap

After working on the Summer Cotton Hand-Paint wrap for far too long, I'm still not done playing with this design. I've been trying to construct garments that are simple, down to the basics, but looking at knitting construction and shapes in new ways. When I say new ways, I mean, new to me. I have no doubt cleverer knitters on this rather large planet have thought of these things previously. I'm a firm believer than the knitting process is highly personal. What is new to you may be old to someone else, but who cares? Make it if you like it and want to wear it.

This wrap came about because I love modular knitting for summer. Do a bit here, do a bit there. But I am not always fond of the fabric of modular knitting. When a pattern calls for 1400gms of 4ply, I say to myself, damn, that looks fantastic. And sure, the yarn seller in me goes, hey, that's a lot of yarn to make that garment. But I just can't go there. I mean, I would never wear that much wool on my body at once. Maybe if I lived in Nova Scotia I'd think about it.

So, I set about trying to change the math to make something modular and a fabric I could wear most of the year. Eh voila, the Summer Cotton Wrap was born. It will work in other 4ply/fingering wt yarns, so I'm not done playing with this one, that's certain.

Further to the make it and wear it thread... One of my most successful designs continues to be The Coloured Sheep Shawl. The less complicated I made it, the more I had to rethink the whole thing. I really haven't seen another design like it and I guess that's ok.

Stranded Silk Sock in Lone Heart Red 100gm hanks

I've been swatching and playing with this yarn for the past week. It has the most amazing stitch definition and feel to it. Most of the knitters who've purchased this yarn continue to advise that once they get it home, they think it's too nice for socks. Yeah, I know what you mean, but why not pamper your feet? Then again, the drape on this yarn says, please knit me into a cowl or something like that. Thank you to Sr. Joan Mary who has decided just that. I can't wait to see what she knits with it.

For product info, check the SIOz shop -- more yarns have been loaded this week, including sock yarns.

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