Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Name That Sock Yarn

Kraemer Sterling - Hand-Painted by SIOz

Supersocke Silk in SIOz Pretty Good Green

It occurred to me as I started running the new sock yarn lots that I needed a name for the yarn. I've labeled it Stranded Sock, my catch-all name for regular sock yarn. But I really need a name for this one.

Wanna win some new sock yarn? Just join the Stranded In Oz group on Ravelry and offer your suggestions on the Name That Sock thread. You might just get your name chosen. I welcome a healthy debate on names. Best name wins! Who decides? The group should take care of that for us nicely! SIOz knitters aren't a shy bunch.

Here's another peek at the new yarn, in a run of my Winter Florals.

100% Superwash wool -- spun for socks
This yarn needs a name!

The green yarns shown above are lone hanks I ran last week. The Supersocke Silk is a test hank -- of the new yarn base from Cherry Tree Hill. The Sterling was the last of the lot I had and it said it wanted to be green. Really!

It's back to the needles for me. Mel

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