Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thank you and what's happening at SIOz

Well, it's been a busy week here at SIOz Central. Amongst the winter knitting and various projects, I've managed to get the dyelots going -- sleep obviously is at a minimum, but still at a healthy level (don't worry Melanie!). These will take longer to dry as the humidity level has gone up again.

I've been tackling the new sock yarn lots. This week -- it's reds and more softer florals, including a version of one of my favourites, Timberlake (a bit of sky, a bit of water a bit of trees). This week's is a dusky version with a tinge of light purple. We're still chewing on names on the Ravelry group, so hop on and you too might win a free hank of new, fresh, sock yarn! Thank you to everyone who's played along -- keep those suggestions coming.

There are more hanks of 8 and 4 ply blues and purples, with a nice mix of Rome (see prev postings) and a complementary blue.

Here's a photo of the hood I am still playing with. I'm trying to get this one off my back -- I broke my leg last year just after sewing in the ends. Seriously, this hood has some bad juju I'm trying to get out. Anyway, it's knitted in SIOz Merino 10. Very warm and I think will be reknitted in something lighter before I've said FINISHED for this design. Hmmm.

The Hood by SIOz

Cable Close Up for The Hood

Amongst the yarns that I HEART very much in the SIOz line at the moment are the cashmere treat hanks -- here are some piccies of the latest colours loaded:

ink marle in 100% cashmere dk

dark orchid in 100% cashmere dk

I've checked the going rate for 50gms of cashmere online (well, the european good stuff anyway) and it, on sale, runs around $32.00 per 50gm. SIOz hand-painted cashmere dk is $12.50 for 30gm/75m hanks. This yarn has brilliant stitch definition and is lovely to knit with. 3 hanks makes a pair of women's mittens.

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