Saturday, 7 May 2011

Winter Chill Down Under -- we love it

Ocean Blues Superwash Sock Yarns -SIOz

The first blast of cooler air has finally hit Adelaide and I, for one, am loving it.

Fun and games this week for me here in the workroom. What arrived? Well, many kilos of... the wrong yarn. From the mill. *sigh* Lemons from lemonade you ask? Yes, well... since the cost of shipping it back were ridiculous and decidedly UNGREEN, I've negotiated a way out of the headache on this end. Not ideal of course, but at least I can put the Panadol back in the cupboard! LOL Here's a piccie of the new ooopsie yarn:

I ran a lot in a darker version of Forbidden City. It positively glows!

What's at the Port Markets this week?

Mixed lots of special yarns -- when I say mixed lots... I grouped individual yarns by type and dyed them in the same lots.

Ocean Blues (above) -- haven't run this one for a while, so was pleased to do so this week. Didn't think they would dry in time, but hey presto -- all superwash sock yarns went into this lot. Make a pair of socks in SIOz Ocean Blues for winter. There are hanks of Kraemer Sterling, given the SIOz treatment, as well as some Louet Gems, and some ltd edition Italian Sock (my fave high twist yarn for socks, far too dear to run very often). The photo was taken before I finished processing the hanks -- just had to snap a colour shot right away!

Rome Purple from Stranded In Oz

The purple run was a test of a new colour I'm torturing myself with called ROME. Purple. What else? And the photo on my screen just doesn't do this shade justice. My screen a yarn much bluer than in person.

I've been in search of the ultimate purple; and just when I think I've got it, it eludes me. This search has meant a lot of mixing and remixing -- emailing dye houses, and all manner of colour mania. Dare I even say I think I've got it? The truth will be in the knitting.

Come out this Sunday and grab one of the few test hanks in ROME. Who knows, I may go back to the drawing board yet again. I am looking forward to the feedback on this colour. In this lot was a hank of Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Sock -- a base they don't wholesale, as well as a hank of my beloved Merino 4 Natural. Sooo soft, so luxurious. And yes, I don't want to part with either, but out they go.

MORE banana palm silks and So Sari:

So Sari in Light Olive from Stranded In Oz

Banana Palm Silk in Kansas from Stranded in Oz

Banana Palm Silk in McLaren Vale from Stranded In Oz

The diehard SIOz addicts know that I don't run the McLaren Vale in BPS very often. This lot is divine and features another new purple -- it's rather grapey and rich as well as my fave dark eggplanty purple I use in this colorway.

Pattern restocks -- there's been a run on sock patterns at the Markets, so I've printed up a new batch. If you purchase online, be sure to ask in your notes upon ordering if you'd like a free pattern with purchase.

CU online and at the Markets, M

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